Just a Thought - Not Limited - But to the Ends of the Earth.

Our God is not territorial or parochial. God's mission and message is intended for all peoples and all places And with that truth in mind, I relate a story told by the writer Edwina Gateley:

One upon a time we captured God and we put God in a box and we put a beautiful velvet curtain around the box. Then we placed candles and flowers near the box and we said to the poor and the dispossessed, 'Come! Come and see what we have! Come and see God! And they knelt before the God in the box.

Then one day, very long ago, the Spirit in the box turned the key from the inside and pushed it open. She looked around the church building and saw that there was nobody there.  The poor and dispossessed had all gone. She said to her self, I'm getting out'. And so the Spirit got out of the box and escaped.

There have been several reported sightings of her since then. In fact she was last seen with a bag lady in McDonald's.