Just a Thought - Jesus is Innocent

Notice something else in Luke's 'passion narrative': the number of times that people in authority ,who play a part in the trail and sentence of Jesus declare he is innocent.

Pilate does it four times; Herod and the centurion who took charge of the actual crucifixion, once each. Yet they still killed him. Why?

Is it because Luke never bought into the widely accepted theology that Jesus died for our sins, but rather that Luke held Jesus' death to be just legalized murder. Jesus was not necessarily trying to take away our sins by giving himself over to the cross. Instead Jesus expected his followers to imitate his dedication to this world. That is how the world would be redeemed: by all of us being willing to die in parallel situations.

Jesus had become so much one of us that he immersed himself in the same out-of-control environment many of us face. Outside forces dictate our destiny. Like Jesus, we can, then, only fall back on our trust in God and God's promise of deliverance.

Luke tells us that it is only by permitting ourselves to experience the death of total helplessness do we come to life in a whole new existence. The only problem is that before that new creation can come into being, we must delve into the helplessness of this present creation.