The experience of prayer is the experience of coming into full union with the energy that created the universe.
What Christianity has to proclaim to the world is that that energy is love an it is the well-spring out of which
all creation flows. It is the well-spring that gives each one of us the creative power to be the person we are
called to be - a person rooted and founded in love.

John Main OSB - Moment of Christ

Points to Ponder

Jesus Christ -  is not only the Lord of small places like the heart, the soul, the church; he is the cosmic Lord of large spaces like politics. Leonardo Boff, liberation theologian

Who can protest an injustice but does not is an accomplice to the act. The Talmud

To choose simplicity is to live into complicated questions without easy answers, taking one step that may make another step possible. Sharon Daloz Park

The human side of religion, its creeds, rituals and instructions is a way rather than a goal. The goal is to do justice, to love mercy and walk humbly with God. When the human side of religion becomes the goal, injustice becomes the way.  Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel