Gowns for stillborn - a personal story

My son and his wife went through a similar tragedy losing a child at 24 weeks in 2017. The staff at King Edwards Hospital in Perth were truly wonderful during the difficult time. Our little Jacob was wrapped in a lovely knitted gown and the whole family were able to spend many, many hours with him, reassuring him of our love. It was an emotional wrenching time for us all.
Were we angry with God? Yes! Did we lament? Yes!. Did Jesus listen ? Yes! Ten months later another little  boy was born, named Jake. Jake was not a replacement for Jacob who did not survive, but a gift from Jacob, who personally presented the lamentations of his parents to his LOVING Father and creator. So the sadness and depression which followed Jacob's death was replaced by the joy and gratitude with the arrival of Jake, who is now almost six months old.

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