Does the caterpillar resist becoming a butterfly
for fear of change or fear of falling?

Or does it show faith by becoming
what it is meant to become and risk the change.

There is security in the cocoon.

Who knows what dangers lurk out there?

Having been forced to crawl on the ground,
it knows it cannot fly,
yet in being willing to be transformed,
to let go of what was,
it grows into a beautiful new creature of God,
capable of doing things it never dreamed possible.

It had to die to its old self to be born anew.

It had to be willing to let go of what was
so that what could be is.

Fear change, fear falling, and never fly.

Be willing to change,
to be free,
and to grow into a new and beautiful creation of God,
what you are meant to be.

John Chuchman