A letter to Christopher Pyne from CCC Team Members

Monday January 29th 2018

The Hon Christopher Pyne

Minister for Defence Industry

Dear Minister

We the undersigned are members of an on-line Christian outreach group 'Christian Cyber Community'. Our aim is to bring the best of human understanding to a world wide readership. The best of human understanding is not served by the Federal Government announcing 'we are open for business' manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

Surely Australia could lead the way by utilising advances in medical knowledge, to manufacture medical equipment, surgical instruments, artificial limbs etc for export, if the aim of this ‘weapon’s push' is to increase jobs and gain export revenue for the country.

There is so much Australia can do to make this world a better, safer place. This would encourage other countries to invest in the best Australia can produce or is the manufacturing of weapons the only way to attract investors?

Yours faithfully,

Christian Cyber Community Members

Marian Oxenburgh

Helen Oxenburgh-Lowe

Stephanie Woods

Dr Jane Anderson

Rev Paschal Kearney CSSp

Colin Lowe

John Kelly

Shirley Kelly