Chair's Annual Report

2017 Cyber Christian Community WA Inc.

Greetings to all

So often in today's society I witness the great benefits of good people doing something to benefit their communities, usually in a voluntary role.  The old and retrograde opposite is this is for Evil to survive is for good people to do nothing.  Fortunately, I live in a community that for the most part has respect for its constituents, and shares it's resources for general harmony and personal well being.

During the time of Advent I hope I find time to reflect on the great privilege it is to serve and enjoy all the possibilities available in the Peace and Goodwill offered to us in the presence of our Emmanuel this Christmas. On behalf of all readers I make reference to Paschal's special gifts and representing CCC and the everyday reminder of God's presence in our lives through the wonderful reflections that the Jat's and Homilies provide.  Thank you Paschal for your untiring and enduring participation that enlightens our mission with clarity and balance.

My thanks to Helen Oxenburgh-Lowe and Colin Lowe for administrating and distribution of the website, you are much appreciated - and I have always enjoyed special reference of creation of the 'Last Page'.

Special thanks and appreciation to Jane Anderson, Stephanie Woods and Marian Oxenburgh for your continued inspirational work.  Thanks to Shirley Kelly for minding and recording our minimal finances, the trace which can be found on the website.

May our Emanuel bless us all this Christmas, with Peace, Happiness and enduring love.

John Kelly